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About Us

KearneyCap places institutional pension plans, alternative and traditional investment managers in collaborative partnerships, providing fund-raising and consulting services to traditional and alternative asset managers. We pride ourselves on creative business development solutions.

Our specialty is bringing together Taft-Hartley ERISA plans with institutional managers who understand the unique needs of multi-employer plans which result in:

With the advent and availability of more complex alternative investment products to the Taft-Hartley community, Denise Spillane saw the need for a firm with the appropriate level of skill and experience to uncover and evaluate and introduce those investment firms with the most value add to the Taft-Hartley community.   In 2013 she became the Founder and Managing Director of Kearney Capital.

Our team of professionals has over 50 years of collective experience in capital fundraising and institutional consulting across numerous asset classes and market environments. With a deep knowledge of the investment needs of local, regional, and international labor unions,  each team member has a unique set of skills contributing to collectively raising more than $15 billion throughout our careers. We are located in New York City and San Francisco.

Our Team